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Welcome to Palazzo Bacile di Castiglione, a historic jewel nestled in the tranquil village of Spongano in the heart of Apulia. This 16th-century palazzo, a testament to Italy’s rich history, invites you to experience its preserved grandeur and charm.

The palazzo seamlessly blends centuries of tradition with the modern comfort. From the grand architecture and frescoes that adorn its walls to its beautifully appointed rooms and secluded gardens enclosed by ancient olive groves, every corner of Palazzo Bacile is a tribute to timeless elegance and Italian culture.

Located in the Salento region, our guests have the opportunity to explore the idyllic countryside, bask on the nearby Adriatic beaches, or wander through the charming cobblestone streets of Spongano. The area abounds with hidden gems, waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

Experience Palazzo Bacile Di Castiglione, a place where Italy’s rich past is lovingly preserved and interwoven with a unique, luxurious hospitality experience. Your visit promises not only a stay but a captivating journey through history and culture, creating memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. Welcome to our heritage.

The Palazzo

The 16th century palazzo has been inhabited by the Bacile di Castiglione family for nearly five centuries. Originally it was a castle which at a later date was transformed into a habitation.

The old fortifications, of medieval origins, were incorporated into the palazzo and it became a residential home by the beginning of the 17th century.

A second floor was built in the second half of the 19th century by Baron Filippo Bacile di Castiglione who needed to accommodate his 14 children.

Filippo later constructed the local railway line which today still connects Spongano with Lecce.

Until 1999 the palazzo was inhabited by Baron Fabio Bacile di Castiglione, the son of Giovanni, one of Filippo’s 14 children.

Now Fabio’s 6 children live at Spongano mainly during the summer months and his eldest grandson lives there, with his family, all year round.


Guest Reviews

One never knows what to expect when visiting a castle from the middle-ages but I will say that the experience far exceeded what I could have imagined. The rooms were spacious, updated with all the modern conveniences and the beds were extremely comfortable. The castle and grounds were in impeccable condition. One could stroll within the walled gardens, picking ripe oranges right from the tree, taking in the fresh beautiful smells of herb gardens inside the castle walls and imagine how things were before the busy world of the digital age. Even though I tended to stay with the group during my visit, we had the entire use of the castle and it was always easy enough to explore and find a quiet personal place to sit and rest privately or to read a book. Many thanks for an outstanding holiday: it ranks as one of the best in my lifetime!!!

John Bettinger, Seattle

I spent 10 fantastic days at Palazzo Bacile in July with a group of Australian and English friends and would thoroughly recommend the experience to anyone wanting to immerse themselves in the southern Italian lifestyle.

Chris, Melbourne

Historic Palazzo Bacile is a peaceful and beautiful place, to be savoured slowly on holiday. My guests have continually enjoyed the spacious rooms, the tranquil walled garden and pool and the delightful flowering plants and fruit trees. They have enjoyed meeting Giuseppe & Donatella who make the day to day running of the palazzo so smooth and have appreciated the the warm welcome and friendly help that Alessandro & Sarah Bacile di Castiglione give to guests.

Frances Fedden, Kudu Travel Ltd

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