Puglia is a large area in Southern Italy made up of several sub-regions, the most southern of which is Salento. It is here, deep down in the heel of the boot, that the Palazzo is located. Salento is an area that has been subject to many invasions and conquests. These diverse and powerful influences can be detected throughout the region in its architecture, gastronomy, language, festivals and culture.



Lecce is the magnificent baroque capital of the province of Lecce and one of the most important cities in Puglia. It is often referred to as Florence of the South because of its wealth of architectural features and monuments.
In addition to several good museums and many splendid churches, visitors will also find Lecce a really great destination for shopping and eating out. It is also simple to travel by train from Spongano to Lecce.


Coastal towns

The Palazzo is situated just a few kilometers from the Adriatic Coast. A short car journey - or indeed a cycle ride - brings you to the striking cliff-top village of Castro. Below the old-town with its famous castle sits the pretty harbour with a good range of seafood restaurants. Further along the coast is the famous spa of Santa Cesarea Terme, known for the curative properties of the sulfurous water gushing from its four caves..

A little further away is Otranto with its stunning cathedral. In spite of the large numbers of visitors, it really is special and well worth a visit. This is pretty and buzzy town with family beaches right in the centre.  Just beyond the town centre you can find fine beaches many of which are easiest reached by car. It is, however, also easy to travel to Otranto by train from Spongano for a fabulous day by the sea; change trains at Maglie.

Finibus terrae is the point where the Adriatic and the Ionian meet. The name Leuca derives from the Greek 'leuké' meaning white, and indeed today-as undoubtedly in ancient times-Marina di Leuca appears suddenly as a shimmering white mirage poised between the land and the sea. This pleasant seaside resort is made all the more attractive by the sheer beauty of the sea and the exceptionally mild climate, which means that the bathing season continues well into October. 

Find out more on Salento at www.discoversalento.org


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